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Mortgage Processing Services

Services for every step of the Mortgage Life Cycle

FXT’s combination of accuracy, consistency and speed for processing mortgage documents impacts the bottom line, improves customer satisfaction and retention rates
The following are some of the many benefits of FXT mortgage services:
  • Access to a team of 1000+ document professionals
  • Additional bandwidth/resources to handle things from start to finish
  • Exceed customer satisfaction goals
  • Achieve SLA commitments
  • Significant cost savings
  • Accelerate revenue opportunities
  • Enhanced compliance and business intelligence
  • Robust reporting, dashboards and analytics that enable problem identification
  • Close loans faster with less manual effort
  • Pinpoint and eliminate process bottlenecks
  • Gain higher data accuracy
  • Provide a winning combination of accuracy, consistency and speed
  • Streamline and ensure quality control
  • Improve operational efficiency, and client experience

FXT Loan Lifecycle Business Process Management Services

FXT provides BPM based mortgage services for brokers, lenders, banks, and credit unions.
FXT helps customers comply with regulations, manage risk, and improve the quality of their loans.
FXT provides the tools, services and resources required to:
  • Simplify mortgage risk management by identifying and indexing documents, completing business rules and alerting users to items requiring attention
  • Implement a robust quality control system
  • Close loans faster with less manual effort
  • Identify and remedy process bottlenecks
  • Gain higher data accuracy
  • Comply with regulations
  • Manage risk
  • Improve loan quality
  • Reduce cost
  • Improve operational efficiency and client experience
  • Streamline, automate and ensure quality control so you're profitable and compliant

FXT Origination Services

Borrower submits a large batch of mortgage documents, data needs extraction and validation for underwriting
  • Mortgage files often contain multiple versions of each document type
  • Documents are often received in different batches and are difficult to track
  • Data is consistently re-validated by each function before their step in the process
FXT provides workflow and automation capabilites reducing manual tasks allowing SMEs to focus on exceptions.

Loan Setup

  • FXT AI, IPA and RPA streamline Loan Setup
  • FXT AI software dramatically reduces intake by identifying, separating, naming, and indexing loan documents
  • Machine learning coupled with quality control algorithms quickly identify new documents. Required data from these documents can then be extracted, validated and delivered
  • Loan processor productivity is increased by replacing error-prone manual processes with FXT technology
  • The FXT system is used to automatically identify and report missing and incomplete documents
  • FXT AI system provides a complete workflow for procuring the data and documents required
  • FXT AI software interacts with the source LOS / LMS to exchange workflow data


Underwriters often spend too much time:
  • Validating data
  • Referring to the source documents for data points required
  • Reviewing and comparing data
  • Sorting and managing different document versions
  • Working with Excel spreadsheets to maintain versions of data points
When they should be working on risk assessment, risk profiling and core underwriting functions
With FXT AI, underwriters can leverage technology to increase their productivity through automation:
  • The AI software captures, compares and validates mortgage data
  • RPA applications and AI software leverage data from mortgage documents and digital sources in the QA process
  • Data is validated and formatted into an authoritative record for each loan
  • Underwriters use validated data to make loan eligibility decisions based on defined requirements
  • Flexible workflow allows for ease of use
  • Advanced reporting helps maintain audit trail for the processed loans

Post-Closing Audits

If your post closing audits can be described as:
  • A manual checklist driven process
  • A list of data points requiring verification
  • Time consuming
  • Error prone
Consider switching to the FXT AI mortgage audit tool:
  • Your team gets access to a flexible workflow
  • Missing documents and data issues are identified by the AI process
  • Your SME staff reviews only exceptions
  • System creates an automated checklist and scorecard for each loan

Loan Packaging and Delivery

FXT AI software:
  • Selects the requested documents for packaging per customer requirements
  • Alerts lenders of any missing documents
  • Provides notification upon acceptance
  • FXT AI, RPA and IPA technologies reduce lender risk and cycle times
  • Provides accurate reporting

System | Service | Solution

  • Customization of services per client requirements
  • Multi-tier document and data verification process
  • Customers can leverage our document classification taxonomy that we map to their document classification list

Cost Savings

Automated services:
  • Increase efficiencies
  • Reduce operational costs/FTE expenses
  • Replace error-prone manual processes and associated rework
  • Reduce document review (stare and compare) time
Your team focuses on processing exceptions:
  • Allows staff to concentrate on higher value task
  • Your automated indexing services reduce your operational costs while improving the quality of the extracted text
  • Technology reduces document review time so your staff can focus on exceptions rather than matching data


  • Produce a marked improvement in pre-funding and post-closing timelines
  • Automated document management & extraction process for reduced processing times


  • Stringent data privacy and confidentiality agreements
  • Setup of permission based on customer requirements
  • Hosted on highly secure cloud infrastructure

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