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Mortgage Processing Services

Legacy Migration

FXT Legacy Migration

Lenders often need to migrate data from legacy loan origination and servicing software that:
  • Do not have vendor system support
  • Are too costly
  • Are risky to maintain
FXT has years of experience with legacy migration services and can assist your team through this process.

System | Service | Solution

  • Customization of services per client requirements
  • Multi-tier document and data verification process
  • Customers can leverage our document classification taxonomy that we map to their document classification list

Cost Savings

Automated services:
  • Increase efficiencies
  • Reduce operational costs/FTE expenses
  • Replace error-prone manual processes and associated rework
  • Reduce document review (stare and compare) time
Your team focuses on processing exceptions:
  • Allows staff to concentrate on higher value task
  • Your automated indexing services reduce your operational costs while improving the quality of the extracted text
  • Technology reduces document review time so your staff can focus on exceptions rather than matching data


  • Produce a marked improvement in pre-funding and post-closing timelines
  • Automated document management & extraction process for reduced processing times


  • Stringent data privacy and confidentiality agreements
  • Setup of permission based on customer requirements
  • Hosted on highly secure cloud infrastructure

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