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Computer Visual Analytics

Computer Visual Analytics

Enterprise Security

Face recognition for secure office access
Cloud Services
Cloud Services

Security Monitoring Centers

Human detection to improve monitoring efficiency
Cloud Services
Cloud Services

Computer Vision AI-Powered Security Monitoring

Security Camera Feeds
Sentry AI Platform with Multiple Technology Modules


  • Human
  • Vehicle
  • Weapon
  • Pet
  • Object of interest


  • Face
  • Known Human
  • License Plate
  • Blacklist
  • Authorized Personnel


  • Camera Occupancy
  • Unique People Count
  • Unique Face Count
  • Alert Reduction
  • Traffic Analytics


  • Trespassing
  • Break-in
  • Stand/Sit
  • Approaching/Leaving


  • Path
  • Occurrence
  • Loitering

Sentry AI Filtering & Alerting
Anomaly Events Alerts to Human Operators

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