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Document Management Services

Document Management Services

There’s a wide range of solutions available today for automatically extracting data from structured and semi-structured content and documents, such as databases, websites, or paper-based forms, all of which can be easily read by  machines using templates or sets of predefined or custom rules.

However, some businesses such as real estate, healthcare, energy, and others still rely heavily on unstructured documents. These are inconsistent in layout or form, or contain key information in English-language sentences, paragraphs, or randomly throughout the documents, making them virtually impossible for machines to understand.

A Superior Solution For Data Extraction

FXT offers a far better choice with a revolutionary solution for classifying and extracting information from unstructured content. Using proprietary algorithms, including those used to perform Natural Language Processing (NLP), FXT reads and extracts data from sentences, paragraphs, or entire pages written in natural English.

Powerful Business Benefits

With FXT, organizations have a superior alternative to manual re-keying or the costly and ineffective results of other unstructured data extraction solutions.

Unparalleled Results

The result is unparalleled data extraction results that minimize or eliminate time-consuming and expensive manual re-keying processes—and far exceed the results obtained from competing systems, which are typically complex, cost-prohibitive, and ineffective.

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